alidropship woo import images

  1. M

    images are being removed from my site

    Hi, I have existing products with NO issue but when i upload NEW products to my website then new images (local stored on my server) are being removed. images stayed for a while but after some moments those is being removed. How I upload: 1. Open import list in window 2. signed in aliexpress...
  2. A

    Ppst lost while addin new itema

    I was using alidropship's stardard theme but i wanted to change to this new theme so i asked somebody to help me switch theme - at first he did ok. Then he was going to add extra items but when he started to add the new items all my item variables and some images ahve dissapeared i am not...
  3. Z

    Is there any solution to the huge folder images created on alids woo ?

    So guys, i've been importing products to my site, and right now I have like 2000 products and 262.144 file on my folder, and more than 250.000 are Images! Is there any way to fix this? or do something with the images?
  4. Z

    Images import working really slow with 1and1 hosting

    Anyone using 1and1 hosting for alidropship woo store? I just buy this 1and1 hosting and trying to install alidropship woo plugin for my site. Everything working fine except products images (images importing process really slow) Have anyone experience the same error ? How to fix this?
  5. Aarubi

    Gallery images is not uploaded with the product when I import products ?

    I am using Alidropship woo plugin, When I import the products from aliexpress there is no gallery images uploaded to my image library. How can solve this?