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  1. Nikson11

    Please help, Problem!

    Hello guys I have problem with plugin, when I want to put this product Doesnt work. Is it about product or its some my failure? Thanks!
  2. B

    Website down cous of add on

    I got the product addon plugin While I was on my dashboard, It say I needed to update I click up,few sec after my website crush, Says error Got an email from wordpress that my website has fatal error contact host I have contacted alidropship my host No response yet Dont want to lose all my hard...
  3. wanabud

    Please authorize your site on AliDropship Google Chrome extension problem

    Dear support @Ekaterina Sayapina , I just tried to use direct import products using alidropship, but an error appeared like the following: Please authorize your site on AliDropship Google Chrome extension. does anyone experience the same thing with me? Please help. thank you Best Regards, Nofel
  4. Boeing777


    When I try to buy any addon, neither is Paypal working for me, nor is my internationally active credit card. See the attached screens and advice what needs to be done. Thanks.
  5. A

    Error in plugin version 7.1

    hi i trying to install the version 7.1 in my wp website. 1-Finally i install version 7.1 and we work but see move futures is missing like select track service. 2- i have to deactivate all add-ons 3 - active add-on abandoned cart version 7.1 and show this: 4- i try to...
  6. A

    Countdown timer doesnt work

    hi, my countdown timer doesnt work. Dont show in item. Can anyone help me'