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    I like the bundle plugin for the regular AliDropship but found two issues. 1] When I click the bundle it is added to the cart but doesn't show up until I do a page refresh. 2] I can add a product only to one bundle. I really hope that's not how it's intended to work because I want to bundle the...
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    Suggestion for improving the theme

    That's indeed a point to consider, but the request made in my OP is just as useful in infinite scroll as in paged scrolling. Infinite scroll is like paged scrolling without page numbers*** When scrolling it loads the next group of items which can be seen as the next page. But let's not get...
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    Suggestion for improving the theme

    This post was moved from Andy Warhol Woo. So that's the theme. About debating and fast loading. No use debating something with you if you don't even grasp what I suggested.
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    Countdown percentage

    Instead of counting down time, (also) count down a percentage. Example: For a 3 day sale with a max. 30% discount that would be counting down at ~0.0012% per second.
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    Suggestion for improving the theme

    Infinite scroll is nice and should and easily can be made faster. When scrolling the next 'page' there is a delay as the images are loaded. On a mobile connection that's a good approach (save data), but on a desktop it would be great if the theme preloads the next 1 or 2 pages. That will give a...
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    The difference between these two services? What's the difference between those two services? The winners service seems to be about finding/selecting/advising products, but not entering them. The other service actually...