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    Niche Ratings is 4 But I Feel It's Hard?

    I haven't restarted anything. Facebook algorithm make it even harder for low budget like me. Let's see how, I'll update any new movement.
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    Dropshipping journey from Borneo Island

    One Piece, Borneo, Kota Kinabalu? lol I'm avoiding anime niche for now. But wish you good luck.
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    New, dropship store first few sales

    Feedback on website: Look clean and neat. The website make it clear of what it trying to sell at first glance. No need to guess, no need mind game. That is good. However, why there's two FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions links at the footer that point to the same content/page?
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    Stoked to Start Seeing Some Sales!

    Feedback: 1. When I first visit the website, I don't know what are you selling. My opinion, not good. At first glance, I thought this is an evangelism website. But I could be wrong, am I? 2. When I click on the "Shop" page, a pop under opens as well, about cleaning my Mac whatsoever. Why you...
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    Niche Ratings is 4 But I Feel It's Hard?

    The calculation is not to find good seller, but to find good niche that have less competition but high demand, and making money with lesser effort than other niche.
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    Zero © Infringement Clothing Dropship

    I did not remove any watermarks from original seller. I'm sorry, I don't want to show. :( But if you found it, just keep it secret. All my Facebook ads account have been reinstated. But it took them quite a while to respond.
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    Niche Ratings is 4 But I Feel It's Hard?

    I kinda abandoned the shop atm. Not enough funds for ads. And too busy to do any free method. Plan to restart on after Jan or something. I'll keep current store and maintain as well as build another store. So far, is zero sales of course.
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Hi, @kingpin please share with me the .pdf. :)
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Can't wait for it. :D
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    Bad experience with 2checkout

    How do you let them wire the bank the money to your bank account? Are you US-based?
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    How to Speed Up Website?

    I start by installing cache plugin. Did you have one installed? I use WP Super Cache.
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    Breaking records

    Hi, @pearstar. Maybe you can share how you do it. :D
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    Niche Ratings is 4 But I Feel It's Hard?

    Hi, @Xerro. Thanks for your input. As you can see, I can mark up my items up to 250%. That is the attraction for me, and I like this niche as personal passion. But sometimes, passion doesn't equal profit don't they? Can you share me, around what price is your items, and how much you mark up...
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    Niche Ratings is 4 But I Feel It's Hard?

    I use Olga Method to rate and reevaluate my niche shop. This is what I got. The overall ratings is 4. But sadly, the niche falls under this category then. Items that are usually carefully checked before purchase – sophisticated electronics, footwear, exquisite clothing, etc. When we buy...
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    A Simple but Ninja way to find TOP selling Products and Niches

    Wow, Scrapebox still useful? I have the license but have long leave it.