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    DaVinci 2 - "Categories" not translated

    In the loop-product.php file on line 18 there is hardcoded <h3>Categories</h3> and it is not translated.
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    Changing colors in review block

    @Direct Webstore Thank you for the reply. I've come to a similiar solution. However I regard this as rather ugly hack, I think this should be somewhere in the settings as for the other colors. Otherwise it makes no sense to change some colors in the settings and other ones directly in a CSS. I...
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    Changing colors in review block

    I've changed color from the default orange to a green everywhere in the Customization settings. However the text (100%) and the percentage bar in the REAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS block on a single product page are still orange. Where should I change that? My theme is Davinci 2, version 1.2.3. I'm...
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    Translation of reCAPTCHA text

    My reCAPTCHA text isn't translated to the language set in WPLANG. Now I solved it by adding custom code to the head section: <script type="text/javascript" src="" async defer></script> You must add hl GET parameter with language code. Can...