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    Legal Issues

    I need help on this. I registered an S corp as a registered business was required to have a decent payment gateway. The sales tax, income tax etc. is a big question now. shall i increase my margins? how much extra do i charge? is there an option to collect sales tax? does it have to be based on...
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    Importing Reviews - Rembrandt or Michelangelo

    May I also know if a user can actually add his/her own review?
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    All links go to 404 page!!

    Victoria, can we please have category names in the urls It helps for SEO Example:
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    Show category in URL with item.

    This is a very important and missing feature from SEOs point of view. If we change the permalinks, the site will break and will show a 404 error. Yaros, please fix the url structure to show the categories in urls. Thanks!
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    SEO doubts

    Hi Jack. Its always good to write your titles and descriptions manually.