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    Product liability insurance - where/how to get cover? Baffled and frustrated - help please!

    In order to have a successful business, I think it is so useful and necessary to work with a specialized team ready to help you with everything you need to know in the beginning. When I started my business, I worked with a team that provided retirement planning, employee and executive benefit...
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    E-commerce website for sale. Fully automated and ready to go

    Is it worth buying a ready-made project?
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    Baby romper online store for sale!! 350 USD

    It looks like a nice store, and one can tell that a lot of effort was put into it. But what is the reason for selling? Are the sales going bad? Do you not have the necessary means or team to help you further grow it? Or do you simply not have any more time for it? Whichever the reason, I don't...
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    ⁣⁣SAVING MONEY BUYING EVERYTHING CHEAPER WITH CASHBACK SERVICES RebatesMe, Giving Assistant and $5 + $5 bonuses and AliExpress $24 COUPONS

    A handy thing is a cashback - you buy, and a part of your money is returned to your account. Firstly, it saves money, and secondly, it's much more pleasant to spend, knowing that you'll get a certain percentage back. Many services allow you to buy almost any product with a cashback - from...
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    Health Products Niche For Sale

    Medical products are really necessary, especially in a home or in a hospital. Taking into consideration the current state of the medical systems after the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals will start soon to refill their medicine and gear stocks. Many companies like are...
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    Make money

    That's a great idea. The opportunity to experiment with different suppliers and products. Due to the fact that there is no need to purchase products, you can offer different types of goods. For example, if you sell children's clothing, you can simultaneously sell overalls from one manufacturer...
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    Publicity is the most important part of an online store, especially for an upcoming one. Most publicity should be before the start of the promotions or the sales period. There are organizations and companies like which are helping upcoming online stores and businesses or the ones who...
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    Furniture Store

    Furniture is bulky and heavy, and you will have a problem with shipping costs. Taking into consideration how hard it is to deliver furniture, the AliExpress plugin will ask for a pretty high payment. A friend opened an online shop to sell a package of tables with a lamp with smart light bulbs...
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    [Sale] Home Décor Craft Gift Shop

    250 bucks is a lot of money for a store like this... Why are you selling it? The home decor niche is very lucrative, as far as I know, and you could succeed in it. Different people, different tastes. It's much easier to satisfy a customer's interest in décor sales, than with furniture, where...
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    [NEW] Sellvia - Get products with 1-3 days shipping within the US

    Ohhh, that's so cool—good job with your website, and good luck further. I got something from you guys, and the package arrived in three days, so I am very grateful it's not a scam. I was using a tracking service, and the package was moving very fast. I am a very impatient person once I buy...
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    Aliexpress URL info

    Share it has been having a lot of problems lately. I cant transfer any videos without it lowering the quality of them or transfer any work files without it deleting a part of the information. I tried using other apps from the windows store but they do not work well too. I am now temporarily...
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    Web Hosting - Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

    Thanks for sharing the information I am now searching for more sites which will offer great sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and especially for online shops because a lot of sites offer low sales for online shop and big sales for their city shops, and this is awful especially nowadays...