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    Formula + ePacket

    Thanks Adriano for taking the time to reply. Actually I looked into several months ago. For a list of reasons, which I won't go into here, I found it not suitable for me. But it does prove one critical point: Getting the shipping costs isn't impossible. Is it?
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    Formula + ePacket

    I don't know how to do it. I am not a programmer. I do know that other similar plugins/services do it. So there is a way to do it. It doesn't have to be exact for each country, maybe just an average. Any problem that can be solved manually can be solved programatically, if there is a will to...
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    Ali shipping to be included in pricing formula

    I have seen several mentions of this in some other forums. This would be extremely helpful. For example, a product I was considering importing had several shipping locations. The shipping rate to the different areas were different. The main issue was "ship from USA": The product price was +-...
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    Extension for Opera and/or Firefox

    I have tested it on Opera and a few others. Get the"Install Chrome Extensions" mentioned by Xerro. . I have had only a very few problems. But not enough to go back to chrome. The only problem I encountered was with automatic ordering on one product. It also works well on the torch browser
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    Formula + ePacket

    Without shipping costs in the calculations the pricing rules are pointless unless using only items with free shipping. NexusFred mentions epacket but I think any shipping including, for instance, shipping from and to specific countries. Really love to see this.
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    How to add automatically unique coupon to order email

    If your reason for having unique codes is to limit the number of times the customer can use the code, then you can set that when you create the coupon. Just set the user limit to 1. That way you don't have to have unique codes for each customer.
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    I am Aliexpress Top Brand seller, I WANT YOU!

    Hi Kenny, I'd like the store url please