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    Supplier Ships The Product 10 minutes After It Was Placed

    This is a dirty trick to avoid cancellations. Most orders cannot be cancelled once shipped.
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    Regarding my Alidropship Wordpress site

    dude.. just download the backup to your laptop and delete from cpanel. You are sharing login detail?!?!?! You are awesome ?!?!?!?
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    GATI shipping to India?!?!

    Hi, how do I select GATI shipping service to India? I have not seen this option in any store. But I know this service is available and some leading stores in India are using this to deliver within 10 days. Can any Aliexpress seller answer? Moha
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    I am Aliexpress Top Brand seller, we're looking for partners.

    Wow.. whats the problem in sharing store url publicly?
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    Google Search Console Warnings

    All these makes sense. Below is what I learned in my research. Inspecting URLs returned the below errors on most pages which had warnings: Blocked by robots.txt is fine. Other two errors are related to links that go out from the url. Meaning, there is a link in our page that returns an error...
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    Google Search Console Warnings

    Im getting these warnings. Are we all talking about these here??
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    Who Wants More Traffic?

    What are you talking about???
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    Theme Issue - home page and blog showing different themes

    No.. what they are basically saying is the blog page is indeed rembrandt. I just lost all the customization. I have started to customize again.
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    Issue with Rembrandt Theme / DaVinci Theme

    Hi, I created a thread for the same issue yesterday. Yet to see a response.
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    Theme Issue - home page and blog showing different themes

    Hi, I have rembrandt as active theme. However, for some reason my blog page theme has changed to da vinci. All the changes I did are lost in my original theme in blog page. I tried to change headers and some stuff. However, it looks like the blog page is optimized for mobile view only and...
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    Missing iconv error for new plugin

    Thanks @Olga B. for fixing it. Thanks @Christina
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    Missing iconv error for new plugin

    Yes. Im using your hosting and one custom site and one own site. Sending you PM shortly. Regards.
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    Missing iconv error for new plugin

    Why? Its not an issue with the plugin. Its a hosting related. Need to install php extension.
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    Missing iconv error for new plugin

    Thanks. Im trying to install POSTIE. This plugin helps in posting blog post using email. Once I install, it gives error as MISSING ICONV. I understand its a php extension. But not able to find how to enable this. Any help will be much appreciated.