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    Great Add-ons but Missing USPS shipping option Aliexpress shipping USA product Fix Urgente if the customer select usa shipping no USPS
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    Update inventory stop at 1%

    Hello i try update the products the stock and stop at 1% have many out stock products any idea will help? thank you
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    Import very important field from Aliexpress and Save 10000 Sellers honesty and eCommerce Practice

    Hello Developer Team, Great ideas make this plugin very value Developer team you guys are ROCKS Star!!!!! Please add this feature on next Updates import from Aliexpress Seller process time to Product Page ( this great to avoid chargeback, Dispute or Bad comment about the store ) each Ali...
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    Import Product Incorrect Data from New Dropship integration

    if you select product say free shipping to usa , but when you click actual item Charge 5 or 10 USA Shipping please fix this issue ASAP
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    This feature will save loot Chargeback and Paypal Claim Look my Idea

    Hello support have an idea when you import the product will very nice to import and show on the page the processing shipping time each aliexpress seller are different copy the idea from Aliexpress next to shipping are say "processing shipping time" and make sure you add this option add cart...
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    Warning running dropshipme and aliwoo together

    the new version is integrated you not need Droshipme to remove I think is integrate look the Alidro apps import product say Beta
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    Google Feed and Counter stop working after update 1.5.1 or 1.5.0 Rollback from Backup

    Hello, Tech support has a lot malfunction plugins after update the lastest woocomerce dropship, updraftplus save my A**s. lot error on multiple plug-ins only show text data not like broken PHP Pluigns afftect by this update Google Feed Dropme Counter please look this asap and release new...
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    Warning running dropshipme and aliwoo together

    have the same error, after update the latest version, my google feed, and my counter stop working on show text
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    AliDropship Woo plugin ver. 1.5.1 - UPDATE

    I update to AliDropship Woo plugin ver. 1.5.0 and now the counter and google feed not working only show text, another issue after upgrade this 2 plug-ins show Disable > click active and all is text no data