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    Social Rabbit don't let me log in Pinteres Status Code: 500

    i have same error , even with different account !!
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    many products change to 0 price !!

    its already like this before ! i think u need to fix with update
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    many products change to 0 price !!

    i see now once product is removed from aliexpress price become 0 , I dont want to remove products once its removed from aliexpress , i can buy from many other suppliers
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    many products change to 0 price !!

    i have many products change to 0 !! and some customers buy it for free !! its funny right
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.6.9 - UPDATE

    and you call this update to improve the customer experience !! all my sales came through express checkout !! whats am gonna do now ?
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    IMPORTANT: PayPal integration changes

    so paypal express button on product page and express checkout is canceled !! so whats is the benefit of this update !
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    Social Rabbit wont download with my licence key !!

    Social Rabbit wont download with my licence key !! its gave this error "License key not found "
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    Payssion Payments on Alidropship !!

    Payssion wocommerce plugin support all payments gateways for all countries on checkout page , while om Alidropship only we can chose one payment gateway for one country , please add a support for multi payments gateway for payssion on alidropship , i know its would be easy change for you as a...
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    very slow and removing importing list issue

    last 2 days importing become very slow and its make too much load on my server !! and when i try to trash product its take too much time !!
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    Images to be imported and no showing featured images

    i have same issue and all whats u ask is WP login !! by the way old version was faster and better !
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    Editing Tracking number

    ok next time say that directly , its would better than just acting like u dont know !
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    Editing Tracking number

    because i dont have any plugin, and this problem only with product i have added manually after last update, so please in next update consider to solve this issue, or u can mention that plugin doesn't support manually added products anymore , so people who will buy this plugin in future would...