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    Sudden Bot Traffic

    For last 3 days my website is getting too much bot traffic. i changed google analytics setting to filter that and installed bad bot blocker ( all in one seo). still there is high traffic attack from Ashburn USA. what to do ?
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    How to blacklist fraud customers

    So a couple of days back I received an order, an item color red. I shipped it and sent a shipment mail. He replies that he ordered a white one. Now this is going on through and forth and he seem like a fraudster to me. I really want to blacklist him and prevent him from buying anything from...
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    Aliexpress problem, Oh no! The Internet is not working.

    Hi, i have been facing this problem while placing my order on aliexpress for last two days and their help never replies. My internet is definitely working. Has anyone encountered this problem on aliexpress before ? is there any solution? someone in a public forum somewhere suggested to change...
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    How to create multiple feeds in Google merchant add-on

    i want to create multiple feeds for google merchant, however the alidropship Google merchant add-on creates only one url "" , is there any way around ?
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    Problem with Google Merchant Ad on, when I Generate XML, I get an empty file.
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    Google Merchant Adon not showing in side bar

    i just installed Alidropship Google Merchant Adon, activated it but it is not showing up in side bar as sown in knowledge base tutorial.
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    is there any Affiliate plugin

    is there any plugin to run affiliate program , that any of you is using and works fine .
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    Prices are not updating automatically

    yes but now i am so tensed i am running update prices everyday
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    Prices are not updating automatically

    even though i have enabled "update automatically" the prices are not updating and today i almost ended up making loss.
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    Updated Plugin for php 7.2+ giving error

    just updated theme and its working fine now. thank you for guiding me. i am a noob :(
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    Updated Plugin for php 7.2+ giving error

    DavinciVersion: 0.12.2