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    How to handle this customer?

    Alright guys, I have a customer that is very disappointed she received the product in a very basic looking cardboard box. That's due to the fact I used another supplier namely Wiio. Those ****** shipped it like this without a nice box and instructions in contrast with the Aliexpress supplier. I...
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    Social Rabbit for Shopify (BETA) - Testers are welcome!

    Why expanding to Shopify... The version for WordPress is not working as supposed yet after so many years.
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    Which payment processor do you use?

    Thank you both for the detailed explanation. Well, I have opened one dispute for an order placed using Stripe which was quite a high amount as she ordered multiple. She claimed that she didn't receive it and didn't even attempt to contact me, so submitted al the evidence. From the tracking I...
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    Which payment processor do you use?

    Hello, I am using currently both stripe and paypal and just noticed that Stripe asks a €15 fee per dispute... Any other payment processor that doens't aks such high prices?
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    How do I add manually the tracking to an order?

    Hello, Does anyone know if it is possible to manually add a tracking number? As I wish to use another supplier than Aliexpress that gives me the tracking numbers?
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    What do you use for conversion tracking Google Ads/WooCommerce?

    Hello, I would like to know which plugin you use to track your conversions? I have the Alidropship Merchant center plugin which has a conversion tracking option BUT it only tracks clicks.... Quiet useless in my opinion.
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    Cost of Goods for Woocommerce

    Yeah, well at least an answer could be given than right? But it is in my opinion one of the most needed features, keeping track of the price changes manually is extremely time consuming.
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    Cost of Goods for Woocommerce

    Would be nice if the Alidropship team answers this question. I mean the topic has been started in January.... @Victoria Kudryashova
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    Cost of Goods for Woocommerce

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    Remarketing Tag says 'Some products are not valid' This seems to have to do with the product ID not matching the feed. Any idea what to do?
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    Cost of Goods for Woocommerce

    Any updates on this?
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    Please add a page where you can reset your licence.

    That's great! Absolutely for people like me that often tend to reset things. :)
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    Can't get authorization key Google Analytics - Alidropship WOO

    Hello, anyone encountred this error? How can I fix it?
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    Merchant center add on

    @Dimitriy Strekalov