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    Facebook business errors during upload of feed.

    Any news on an update for this? Thanks.
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    Discounts showing as, e.g. "50 & percnt;" on category listings

    Hi, I have translated an alidropship website into other languages. My discounts are not displaying properly on category listings in other languages. Appearance: Code: <span>50 &amp; percnt;</span> I have contacted support, but got the response: "we cannot guarantee proper work of the...
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    social rabbit

    Happening once for me as from yesterday.
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    Discount % on product images not showing

    Hi all, I may have done something stupid! :-) All of a sudden my discount %'s have stopped showing on my site. Has anyone else experienced this, or know what I may have done to make this happen? Thanks, Dale.
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    Products going out of stock.

    Yes, I understand that, but: "But the major problem is the out of stock products are listed in a category with a price of "£0.00". Users of the site find this very odd, and I get a few emails about it. Please can I requested that if an item is out of stock and displayed in the category that...
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    The Andy Warhol theme (BETA)

    Need social media icons like Raphael?
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    The Andy Warhol theme (BETA)

    Personally I like the look of the theme - modern, clean and focuses on the products. I note that "All products" is really a category listing, but I hope a paginated all products section will remain. I hope the wobbly add to cart animation is an option, that annoys me. I like the fact that...
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    The Andy Warhol theme (BETA)

    Maybe a floating footer would be an optional setting for finding contact details etc. but it wouldn't resolve the issue of people using back button and having to scroll again to where they were before. Dale.
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    Plugins randomly deactivating: Ads Countdown, Ads Google Merchant, Ads Recent Sales Pop-Up

    I'm note quite sure why this may be happening, but any advice appreciated ... Some of my AliDropship plugins are randomly deactivating, and it seems to happen to these 3 plugins all at the same time. Ads Countdown AliDropship Plugin Ads Google Merchant AliDropship Plugin Ads Recent Sales...
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    Products going out of stock.

    OK, but I still want them to appear on the website publicly?
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    Satisfying Google Feed & Alidropship possible?

    Hi, To ensure I have a valid feed to Google Merchant, I needed to create an extra attribute for colour, and then as advised by Alidropship, I created the possible variants. Fantastic I thought! ... But I've just discovered that this breaks feed updates for all products after the product I...
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    Products going out of stock.

    Hi, Any feedback for a resolution/workaround would be appreciated. Thanks, Dale.
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    Products going out of stock.

    For SEO purposes I wish to keep products live when they go out of stock and not send them to draft. I have set the settings and it works as it should. But the major problem is the out of stock products are listed in a category with a price of "£0.00". Users of the site find this very odd, and I...
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    Facebook Business Addon Not Generating Feed [SOLVED]

    I have a problem where the progress bar goes up to about half way, and then resets, then it just remains like the image attached. Is this related? Thanks.