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I am Lynne. a Aliexpress Top Brand seller, From Guangzhou, China.
We mainly produce fashion Men's Watches,Looking forward to working with you !!!
a week or so ago, I paid 137, 89 and 46 (not exact sure of amounts) I still have no website, pluggin etc.
What should I do to start.. My name servers are pointed to alidropship and working. What can I do to start Alfred Marton Thank you,
My plugin "EDIT button" has not been working for sometime now. Normally I edit the products before publishing them, now I'm only left with the option of "IMPORT" How do I resolve this?
Hello, Skay18!
Please make sure that you are logged in the AliDropship Google Chrome Extension and its version is the latest one (2.6.2).
Also the issue can occur due to third-party plugins such as AdBlock and etc. Try to deactivate them and check the issue again.
Edit button works properly on my end.
I have a problem on placing orders as the amitad sent me an email mentioned that i am not accepted to be a member in amitad without any reasons and for that i am not interested to join them but why i need to be a member with them,... i do not need their services
Please update the plugin.
I use hosting hawkhost, I install website by wordpress, then install plugin alidrop not (not alidrop woo). Setting davinci theme is not.
Hi are you still interested in buying a niche store. Have one that is bohemian inspired for women,s apparel and accessories. 180 products imported in various categories. Let me know so I can share link. Has Facebook and Instagram account. Selling as have no time anymore.
Hi, I am currently having technical problem with my webstore If I search a product in the search bar and enter, product shown do not have any price. In need of assistance from the technical team. Thank you.
Hello my name is Herrickjdesign, I'm a professional website designer , SEO expert, Digital marketer, I'm currently working at fiverr, my aim is to help young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals .
I'd like to build dropship business in the Philippines but the shipment is quite expensive and needs to pay taxes.

I'd like to know the following items below;
1. Importation process
2. Shipping door to door from suppliers to my customers in the Philippines.
3. Documents needed

I hope you can help me with this matter.

Thank you
Thanks OMKTG for your reply. Yes, I saw this story and want so much to get in touch with him (Micheal-the guy who gave the story) but I haven't been able to. That is why I decided to reach out here on the forum- in case any one can help.