Why use a proxy instead of an VPN?



Maybe it's a dumb question but I would like to know why one would use a proxy instead of a VPN or maybe use both? What are the advantages of a proxy above a VPN and vice versa.

In addition, is a raspberry pi a good option to utilize a proxy?


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Proxies are handy when you want to hide your IP address and access specific websites, while VPNs provide overall online security and privacy. Using both together can add an extra layer of protection, but it might slow down your connection a bit. As for a Raspberry Pi as a proxy, it's a cool DIY option if you're into tinkering with tech. I've been using a proxy checker to see how well my proxy setup is working, and it's been quite helpful.
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I would always recommend using a reliable VPN. VPNs provide end-to-end encryption for all your internet traffic, ensuring that your data is protected from potential eavesdroppers and hackers. Proxies, on the other hand, might not offer the same level of encryption and security, making your data more vulnerable.