What is a proxy?


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The proxy is an open port that can be connected and acts as an intermediary. In short, when we use a proxy to access some websites, we don't need to directly link to the target website, but the proxy server to access the website. Then the proxy server will send these contents to our computer window. In this way, the target website can only obtain the proxy IP and will not expose our real IP. Proxies are usually sold in three main formats: HTTP, HTTPS, and Socks. Each of these features is different in terms of security.
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Yes, it works as an intermediary, but still almost all the work of the site depends on it. So it is worth paying attention to the quality of the proxy they sell you.


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Here it is written correctly, but not entirely enough. There is also an IP that works like a proxy. In the past, for example, I didn't know the difference between IPs either. Proxies are used to stay anonymous, bypass blocked sites, and work with multi-accounts and programs because each broker has its IP, which will keep your accounts safe from being banned. At the same time, proxies are less secure if you want to hide your address. So if you need to hide your data, IP proxy detection is more complicated. For me, for example, this is the approach I use. Maybe you can also tell me about some other security methods.
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