We, at our wedding this summer, opted for a rustic theme. We love going out in nature, hiking; that's why our wedding was about nature, mountains, floral decoration, lights. We created the decor ourselves; the Internet, Pinterest, inspired us. It was a hilarious process, and we liked it. We planned every detail, even the wedding favours we chose. Initially, the parents had to take care of these gifts, but we still decided. We chose personalized chocolate boxes for each guest. Everyone liked it, because who doesn't love chocolate?
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I agree with your point about the responsible and complicated work of wedding agencies. Only professionals can qualitatively implement all the client's desires and make his holiday magical. If you want to start organizing weddings, study this sphere of activity in detail. Analyze all the pros and cons of working as a wedding planner, especially in such a difficult pandemic period. I advise you to study all sub-branches of the wedding industry. You can develop both in the organization of the celebration and in the services of a wedding photographer. It would help if you didn't try to cover all areas of wedding planning. If you need help choosing a specialty, read on maroo.us about getting started in the wedding industry.
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