VAT (Value Added Taxes) for EU to be calculated after discounts


As far as I understand, the VAT should be calculated after any (coupon) discounts. For example, if the product selling price is 100€, but I give a 90% discount, a 24% VAT should be 2.4€, not 24€. Right now, it seems to be calculated the wrong way.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but please check.


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You don't seem to be the only one who's missing something in this. These taxes and rebates have always given me a strange feeling. Even so, I manage to find more information at that has an important impact on my finances. You know, I've been trying to achieve financial independence for a long time now, including for my family in the future. It draws me to such sources where I can find interesting thoughts and ideas to help my business. This way, you can save time on finding motivation because you can find it all in one place.
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