Variations on mobile and conversion rate

I have noticed that on mobile for products with variations say colours- that might be labelled as 01 ,02 instead of yellow,red etc wont easily allow the customer to see the difference when they click on a variation image or select from a dropdown on mobile.

What happens is the main image changes but it is not in the viewport..

It could be my theme I suppose but wanted to start a discussion on this.

I welcome your insight.
Then it will be 01, 02 , 03 as Aliexpress sellers are really bad at this. YES I know I can rename recreate the attributes but then the link is lost on ordering and I will then need to manually select.


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Not create, just edit. You can change it's name, not create anything or change locations, that way it won't mess up the links between your shop and Aliexpress product


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Oh sorry, forgot you are using Woo version. I tried the demo version to see what it looks like. Did you mean this option?