UK Dropshippers

Anyone else doing Dropshipping via Aliexpress and based in the UK?

Are you selling just inside the UK , or just to USA, or all over?

I have done affiliate marketing for a few years, mostly through my Facebook page. I have been interested in dropshipping for some time, but concentrated on the affiliate activity while that was doing good.
Now that Facebook keeps putting ever tighter restrictions, and the affiliate market is also becoming over saturated on there I have jumped in to the dropshipping and E-Commerce world to try that out.

I am still building my store at the moment but soon hoping to use my page to advertise, and also look at Facebook ads and other social media options.

If anyone wants to do some mutual shoutouts on social media, my main Facebook page is almost at 60K and has a decent reach with pictures and status updates.
The occasional post goes viral (One in March had about 24million reach - but that is the exception and not the rule).