Two Websites for Sale

The first has just been completed by AD as a Supreme custom site -

The second I built alongside the AD build to see if it was possible - AD have been commissioned to add 200 products to this site.

All very interesting, but I don't want to run the sites so rather than just wind them up I wondered if anyone was interested in buying these?
If you go to check the site of our co-member have same issue how i has before by my self ..the currency is change for the product by geo ip location but you want be able to change the corverte (flag) . even if you exclude the current_cur cookies it let you change the flag but because you need the cookies for is find the location of the visitor always the first load of the site in incognito mode is gonna show the preload cache file..(so alway the first time you visit the site you gonna see the flag in the currency was first cached.

Personal I have issue with bluehost server cache so I copy my website and I try in a server without cache on .... I enable and I try the follow cached plugin with the recommendations setting for woocomerce without to be able to cached the currency flag and be change..remember alway the product follow the geo ip location currency(the product follow the ip location currency even if the flag don't work.
.wp faster cache.wp super cached w3 total cached.

None of them was working.. in my case anyway..

When I try to contact support the answer always was we don't provide support for third part plugin (cache plugin)