Store for sale


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@absimp I do have one store for sale us well.
Is not mine but I do operating from a friend of mine.
If you interesting contact me for more details.
Below is some information about this store.
Was a custom store develop from alidropship team.
-original plugin
-da vinci theme
-socia rabbit
-4 active social media with many followers
- is on fashion niche

They reason he sale it, is because doesn't make the sales was looking for in the first 6 months (he has few sales, more of them come from organic traffic).
So he abandoned it .(is past over 1 year now)

However is a person who doesn't have to much patience. We have to remember this business is not a automatic money machine,is not working this way .

I want to say also I do not take any commission from this sale I just want to help a friend, so I don't mind if is get sell or not .(what good promoter I am :) )

With the correct promotion is can increased the sales.


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Another marketing tactics
I Do need marketing tactics, i have my own source of income , I dont need to sale my own stores because they are generate money for me !!!!
Us i say above i am helping a friend. The different between us is i help people in this community free of charge because i can do it ;)., i have multiple source of income (i am Greek Cypriot, if you make some search on the internet you will understand what i mean :) )

i will not give something to someone without to be sure is something good... They way you do it.