Store for sale + domain, due to my daughter being diagnosed with a condition that means i no longer have time to put into developing and running my st


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I thought long and hard about running my own webstore and with passion invested in a store of interest, I love it but cant give it the time it needs due to my circumstances now changing, my child comes first and with the time I am putting in to care for her I'm left exhausted to run the store and I'd rather this store goes to someone who has the commitment to further develop it.

Basic package including Hosting + SSL.
Sendinblue email
SEO Image optimised
SEO starter pack
WP back it up.

I have only made sales to friends and family as I said have not had the time to put in it running and promoting the store.
Take a look and pls email me to discuss only genuine interest please
I am selling for $500



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Nice site. I already have a beauty product site so I'm not in a position to buy, but it looks good.

If you list it elsewhere I would mention that the domain is more than 60 days old, which means it can be transferred to the buyer's own hosting if they prefer :) (you don't need to specifically mention the age, just that it can be transferred). Often people are selling newly registered domains which means they can't be transferred until the 60 days passes.

All the best to your daughter.