Show You How to Choose a Truly Useful Antidetect Fingerprint Browser


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Sellers who are engaged in e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify know that if we need to run multiple stores on these platforms, need to use multiple accounts for store reviews and do SEO and advertising on Facebook and Instagram, we usually need to use an antidetect fingerprint browser as well.

The Antidetect fingerprint browser mainly solves the problem of accounts being associated and blocked. In recent years, an increasing number of antidetect browser tools have emerged. Some of these tools are just a flash in the pan and don't make much of a splash, while others are sincere in providing users with real anti-detect technology and services. So how do you find a browser that truly prevents accounts from being associated and blocked? Here are some tips on how to choose a beneficial anti-detect fingerprint browser.

Why would a website consider an account to be a suspicious risk account?

First, we need to know that websites identify an account as a suspicious risk account for four main reasons:

1. multiple account logins on the same computer.

2. unstable IP addresses.

3. false account identity information.

4. abnormal operation behavior.

The last three points are mainly personal operation problems of users and will not be explained in detail in this article. To prevent websites from detecting that we are logged into multiple accounts on the same computer, we usually modify or hide the hardware's Canvas, WebGL, audio fingerprint, etc.

For example, we can use MuLogin Antidetect Fingerprint Browser to disguise the above fingerprints. Users can set up different profiles through MuLogin Antidetect Browser with 100% secure isolation, canvas fingerprint protection, and a very good anti-leakage effect.

How to choose an anti-detect fingerprint browser?

A good anti-detect fingerprint browser, in addition to effectively hiding the browser fingerprint environment, also needs to meet the team collaboration needs of e-commerce operations, such as account security management, privacy handling, risk control, team management, etc. This is the standard of a good anti-detect fingerprint browser.

Account Permission Control

The permission control of master and child accounts in team management mainly solves the organizational structure problem in team management. Different levels of users use different levels of permission functions.

Sub-account unified management

It mainly solves the unified allocation and authorization management of sub-accounts, clarifies the functions of sub-accounts, and ensures the reasonableness of account permissions and budget. If there is a personnel adjustment, the account can be adjusted to retrieve in time.

Multi-account grouping management to prevent confusion and errors

Multiple browser accounts can be categorized into different groups and authorized to be managed by different team members to prevent confusion and misuse when the number of accounts is large.

Simple automation operation

MuLogin Antidetect Fingerprint Browser Automation allows you to automate tasks in MuLogin browser profiles. From creating simple automation scripts to complex web crawlers that can search, collect, and interact with web data.

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