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Who here is selling just the Sellvia products? Is your business thriving and how much do you make a month?

Honestly I can't even make a decent store out of these products since its ONLY accessories. Low or slow updates of anything new. Literally easy to find other business owners selling the same items via photo reviews and damn their online stores look just as dead as their Facebook business page! Barely 20 items. Go with a certain niche and you can barely get 20 items for a certain category. NOT ATTRACTIVE.

Think I want to jump ship with Aliexpress. Way better products!!!
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Sellvia is a waste of time and money. All the product on sellvia you can import from aliexpress, the only thing is some items might have no review or show different ship from country. The only good thing with sellvia is the 3days ship.

I'm about to either get items from aliexpress or close the store. Alidropship will extract so much money from you if you aren't carefull. They have nothing to offer. They already made their money from you.

All they are after is to sell you designs for the store that noone wants to buy the items in them. Goodluck