Selling Branded Products


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Hello, I am creating my first dropshipping store but I am scared about the branded products, First I wanted to sell marvel items but while reading Yaro's journey it's not allowed to sell these items... I also wanted to sell vikings+game of throne items
Could someone give me a link to fully understand these policies? For example If I want to sell game of thrones bracelet, that's not allowed too, right?


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I'm not sure it's forbidden! However, you should check this information before you start selling. I love fantasy movies, so I'm a real Marvel fan. I know all the Marvel characters, their height, and parameters. I like to learn something new about my favorite characters all the time. I recently watched the movie "Captain Marvel," and I have to say that it's an amazing movie. The film is bright, full of fighting techniques, and the actors played their roles wonderfully, especially I liked "Black Widow."
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Yeah, generally it is to be avoided but like for pretty much everything else, there is some research to do and possible ways to make things work. And while making sure it's not against any laws or regulations.


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Are the brand products forbidden on all Sass platforms? I know it's not allowed on Shopify, how about other platforms? Does anybody know?