Pet Supplies Store 4 Sale (Supreme Package)


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Hi there fellow Drop Shippers!

I'm putting my Pet Store up for sale. It's a Supreme Package with all the bells & whistles and ready for an ambitious and business minded owner who has a genuine love for Cats, Dogs and pets in general.

- Social Rabbit with FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts (900 followers),.
- Blogs, Strong SEO and 900+ quality backlinks. (See Semrush data attachments).
- 275 products published.
- Google merchant, Integrated Analytics, etc.
- Original Ali plug-in.
  • Email Subscription Form Integration
  • Lead Generation Pop-up Setup
  • Social Media Posts
  • Ready Ads for Facebook & Instagram
  • Promo Emails Setup
  • Platinum Hosting
  • And much more.
The Store was gifted to me when I lost my job earlier this year, but have since retrained and gone back into the work force FT so I no longer have the time to spend the time this store deserves. This store has no sales yet as I haven't advertised it properly other than FB and IG promotions.

Price is of course negotiable.
Please contact me for further details by using my email address.
email address:

I'm based in Brisbane Australia.



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