New to cannabis edibles.


Hey guys. I am pretty new to consuming cannabis. I'm not a smoker so whenever some was around I just was never interested. MDMA was more my thing. But that was back in my party days. I don't really do anything anymore, except alcohol. Well, I decided to quit drinking as well. Been alcohol free for about 5 weeks now and I am realizing I still want to be able to cut loose every now and again. So I thought I would try cannabis out. I still don't smoke so I am thinking edibles is the thing for me. This is what i've tried so far.

A few years ago, I had a girlfriend bring me some Wana brand gummies from Colorado. According to the packaging each gummy had 10mg of Sativa THC in them. I found these gummies to be incredibly powerful. So much so that I couldn't do a whole one. I ended up splitting them in half. I took 3/4 of one at a concert once and the high got so intense I had to leave. They almost made me feel like I was tripping. I've done acid before and I can handle it, but I don't want to be in public while i'm one it. Now like I said, I don't smoke weed. In fact that was the first time I had any kind of cannabis in about 10 years. So I chalked it up to me just being a light-weight weed consumer.

Well, more recently I again got some edibles to try out. This will be the first time I've take any cannabis since that time with the Wana stuff 4-5 years ago. What I got came from California. It doesn't really have a brand that I can tell. The sealed package just says "Medicated Starburst Gummies" . It also does not specify what kind of THC is in it. But it does say each piece contains 68mg THC. The person I got them from also gave me an extra sample. This came in a sealed zip-lock bag that had "Product: Airheads" with 68mg THC stamped on it. The packaging look manufactured, not home made.

I considered my previous experience I was expecting these to rock my world. Since according to the packaging they had 7 times the THC in each piece as the Wana brand. I started with the sample. I took one half and after about 45 minutes I felt a little something, but not much. I then took the other half. After an hour I still wasn't feeling much. I then took whole one of the starburst gummies. After a while i could feel a decent buzz I was able to sit back and listen to some music and have a good time, but it never got as intense as those Wana's did and according to the packaging I tool over 10 times the amount THC I got from just one of those Wanas.

So one of those is not right. Either the Wanas have more than what they advertise of the Medicated Starbust has less. Or maybe the Starburst are an indica strain and you need more indica to get the same effect. Which I know the effects are different, just a figure of speech.

Any thoughts? Anyone able to try out either of these brands and can comment on the quality?

Sorry for the long winded post. LOL


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It seems to me that it would be wrong to mix such products. Since each of them makes changes in the human body and causes a certain reaction. There is a good chance that mixing these products will result in human death. Be careful, and I would pay more attention to marijuana. Since it is a natural product and its use in small doses has a positive effect on the human organisms. I buy weed regularly and smoke it 3-4 times a week ( ). At the moment, I have not had any negative effects and I feel pretty cool!


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I completely agree that it would be wrong to mix such products. As each of them brings changes in the human body and causes a certain reaction. Using cannabis changes the mindset and outlook of the user. Common side effects are problems with concentration and memory and a lack of motivation. Studies show that 30% of cannabis users develop addiction. In case of predisposition, cannabis use can cause schizophrenia or psychosis.