Victoria Kudryashova

Learn about the most trusted and the most profitable AliExpress suppliers presented on your store.

Using this add-on you get the full list of AliExpress suppliers you are working with. You will learn how many products of each supplier you have on your store and how many sales and profit they generated.

  • Get the most relevant and timely insights into your suppliers performance
  • See which sellers do the most for your business growth
  • Build your business cooperation decisions upon the carefully tracked data

  • Install the add-on in a couple of clicks
  • View the AliExpress sellers’ rating
  • See the list of products you’ve imported from each supplier
  • Track the number of products ordered from each supplier
  • See your store gross profit from each supplier
  • Compatible with WooCommerce

Main Settings:

Once My suppliers add-on is activated go to Products => My suppliers:


There is suppliers’ list with the number of products, the number of sold products, your store gross profit and AliExpress seller’s rating.

If you click ‘View store on AliExpress’, you’ll be redirected to the AliExpress store page.



If you click ‘View products’, you’ll be redirected to the products list filtered by the name of the supplier:



To collect AliExpress seller’s rating just click Get Rating button opposite the name of the supplier:


Or click Get Suppliers Rating at the bottom of the page to gather ratings for several suppliers. Also you can update sellers’ rating by clicking ‘Update Rating’:


To learn further details, please refer to our Knowledge Base .



Andy Smith

New Member
Hi, please I'd like to know, is it possible to download a CSV file with orders by the supplier in Woo? Let's say I have many suppliers, some have few orders, but some of them have more orders. Let's say, 10 suppliers have each 150 mixed product orders (1500 orders altogether), could I make 10 CSV files for every supplier separately with all 150 orders to one supplier with mixed products from the supplier? Thanks
In MY SUPPLIERS, it pulls out 48 pages. And suppliers shows number of products i have on stock. When i check what are these products. It shows nothing.
Hello I have an error with the plugin my providers does not load the providers that I have attached photo.


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Will this plugin work on OpenCart? I bought it, but I think it was after that I saw that OpenCart did not seem to be on its list of supported platforms. Also, bought its partner plug in.

Dimitriy Strekalov

Staff member
Will this plugin work on OpenCart? I bought it, but I think it was after that I saw that OpenCart did not seem to be on its list of supported platforms. Also, bought its partner plug in.

My Suppliers add-on will work only with Wordpress/WooCommerce + AliDropship Original/Alidropship Woo plugins.


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I am unable to enter the License for the "My Supplier" Add-on - there is no field to enter the license showing (Products>My Suppliers):



Well-Known Member
Clean cache a wait little be longer when you open the page...sometime appear this issue because of slow internet connection.