My 2nd Alidropship Journey! :)


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Hey guys, Yan from France here. :)

I did a dropshipping site using the alidropship plugin in Dec 2017 - Feb 2018 and made about $2000 in all.

I then stopped the journey because of the festival in China and I had less free time too. I was a medical student back then and had tons of things to study. Now I'm a bit free. :)

You can learn more about my previous journey here:

I was a total noob back then. I just copied blindly the success from Yaros's journey using the harry potter niche to create a similar website in the Anime niche. There was too much competition and I had limited products to dropship in my niche.

Thankfully I had a lots of help from the members of this forum. :)

I won't make the same mistakes hopefully. This time around I'll build a general store and then build a branded niche store based on my best selling products.

Domain bought
Hosting bought
Need to setup store and add products
Create social pages: instagram, facebook

Current Goal: First Sale!



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So I managed to flesh out the store during the past weekend. I had trouble with the installation of the Ioncube loader and the version of the PHP. I'm at 1&1.

But I managed to work out all the kinks. Last time it took me 2 weeks to set up my store but this time I did everything in less than 5 hours.

So this week I'll do some product research and contact a few influencers on instagram. I'll start with around 20-30 products and only promote one product at a time.

Hopefully I'll launch the store this week.

Total Money Spent: $2,40
Revenue: $0
Profit: $0