kids clothing store for sale

I have a kids clothing store for sale, selling for $200 client change there mind on it during mid build and I got to many other builds going to go back and finish working on it there over 200 products. The store still need to be optimized. PM for more info.
We can host the store for free if you like so just domain and store license $200, if you want use to handle all the site transfer to new hosting $285
"Your outfit needs the refreshed accessories"

I think your site needs "refreshed" proof-reading by an experienced English speaker. lol

But apart from that .. why are you selling? I may be interested in just buying the license off you. :)
Well actually i am selling because i have to do our stupid family business so no time to handle for bagious.

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The classic "no time" reason. I haven't seen any other reason used on this forum when sites are for sale. So many people with no time. It's amazing how everyone sells for the exact same reason. This world needs more automation! LOL :)

One day someone is going to sell a site here because it's "crap and has no sales" and I'm going to fall off my chair in shock! LOL :)

For me, I'd just scrap the site and sell the license ... or use the license on a new store. (If I had the time, lol )
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I unfortunately don't have the time or energy to continue with my store. I paid the $1000 for the turn-key store. I have also purchased several Plugins as well. The items could easily be replaced with any kind of niche.
I'm willing to accept any reasonable offer for the whole lot or even just licences and domain name. If there is any interest I will send you the web address and other details relating to the store