Just some social media tips I've learned along the way

These are just some tips I've learned as a website developer, feel free to use them or ignore them.

Biggest tip: Forget about Facebook. It's a waste of time. Facebook's algorithm now is designed so only popular posts show up in news feeds, meaning if your a new business your posts won't show up, which forces you to buy ads, except their ads have a seriously low click through rate so they are pointless. Make a facebook account if you want one but let it build slowly organically while you concentrate on other social media.

Buyers are under 30s: Most people who purchase online now are under 30's and they don't use Facebook, they use Twitter, instagram. focus on those.

Social media accounts worth time: Twitter, Instagram, Google+ (Google+ is dead but Google tends to display Google+ links in search results) and Flipboard (if you have a blog)

Post to all social media at once: create a free account at buffer.com - link all your social media accounts to it and it lets you post to all of them at one time, saves HEAPS of time and you can also schedule posts for the next few days also

Use #Hashtags: everytime you post use hashtags, find the best ones in your niche (you can use free APPs like HashMe to find good trending hashtags

Always post between 11am-12Midday no matter what country you are targeting: every social media study I have read says the best posting time is between 11am to 12midday no matter what country you are targeting, if you use buffer.com it lets you set your best posting times, I always set my posts to 11am - 12midday California time (as I find most traffic on sites these days is from the USA).

Use images that stand out: on every post use a image that grabs attention, makes a world of difference. spend some time on finding good images, its worth it

Don't pay for advertising: I haven't paid for advertising in the last 5 years and I never will again. Advertising is a waste, click through rates are so low now you have to pay heaps for ads to get noticed you are better spending your time posting and posting and posting to social media. Content always wins over anything else and social media is the new advertising.
I haven't used Pinterest much but its more because the niches I've been into Pinterest wasn't really the right place/audience to advertise them. I've heard other sellers say they find pinterest good though


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Nicely written agree with most of the things
But I disagree with some

Just some pointers

I have many buyers who are above 50 years.

Social media is full of young people but do they really buy. Most of the time no. School goers, high school, college students usually are not financially free so they dont buy right away in most of the cases.

Facebook advertisement if somebody is not taking advantage of is in my eyes is still living in stone age.

Click through rate depends on the targeting and the offer. Social media is for interactions and if you offer is not attractive nobody gonna engage.
Facebook ads are better many ways when it comes about CPC.

We are on dropshiping selling other people products so advertising is what will make us make money.

Instagram is great when you do shoutouts but organic reach decreased there too resulting many people not getting same ROI they used to. Instagram is owned by facebook.

This is an age of big data and nobody is having as much as data as facebook is having. If one can't use that data for own successful ecom business, i have nothing to say about it then :)

Nothing is free. No business can survive without advertisement. Or create a strong PR with a hype or create something like whatsapp.
But when we talk about e-commerce we will have to advertise or else you'll stay behind.

Twitter ads are not that great. But twitter shoutouts one should try.
YouTube too
But facebook is the best

Bing ads give great results too

Just my 28 cents :)

I haven't used Pinterest much but its more because the niches I've been into Pinterest wasn't really the right place/audience to advertise them. I've heard other sellers say they find pinterest good though
Thank you so much for your shared info. Taking it on board and reaccessing my schedule. Thank you...Liz
Awesome tips. I agree with the part about FB. Hate the algorithm they use. Cost of ads are ridiculous. But Twitter, Insta and Pinterest look promising.