Is Lalicat Better Than Multilogin?

MultiLogin is the first batch of anti-association browsers used in the cross-border e-commerce industry. the update frequency of MultiLogin has decreased. At the same time, the adjustment of risk control policies of major stations such as Amazon has accelerated, resulting in the ban of a number of accounts using the MultiLogin anti-association browser.
Lalicat fingerprint browser processes browser fingerprints in the most original way and allows websites to read "mask fingerprints" different from your real fingerprints. This method replaces the old method of preventing websites from reading any fingerprints or relying on plug-ins to generate and modify fingerprints. It can help you maintain a high level of online privacy when visiting websites that use CSP 1.1. it While hiding real information, it protects you from XSS attacks and strengthens the function of font and plugins camouflage.
Advantages of Lalicat Fingerprint Browser over MultiLogin
(1) The fingerprint database is updated from time to time every week, which can better cope with the change of Amazon risk control policy; (2) It can be used on a wide range of platforms and can operate many businesses; (3) Lalicat fingerprint browser can work all the operations that can be worked on the web page.