How To Manage Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts?


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(1) Basic work: File reuse It's best to use different email templates, whether it's for registration or for replying to customers. These files don't seem to matter, but they are crucial for anti Association. (2) Key work: Browser fingerprints should be different This step is a key step to prevent account Association. If you log in different accounts on the same browser fingerprint (i.e. the same browser), these accounts will be associated. To avoid this problem, you can use Virtual Browser. The Virtual Browser can create multiple browser files with different fingerprints, and only one fixed account is logged in to each browser, so as to prevent the account from being associated because the browser fingerprints are the same. (3) Detailed work: operation habits When operating these accounts, pay attention to the operation details. If it is necessary to conduct evaluation for the maintenance number, pay attention to batch operation, and do not conduct a large number of evaluation in a short time. Otherwise, it is easy to cause account association.
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Knowing how to manage more than a single Amazon seller account is important. When we talk about amazon seller account creation it is significant to know how all of this work in various circumstances. Remember that if you are a popular business, you can divide all brand sites and sell from various accounts on Amazon. That will work only if you do not like to combine all of them. Amazon allows you to sell on 17 of Amazon’s country-specific websites. It provides you the chance to sell from a single seller central account. You can have numerous accounts, too, on each of the country-specific Amazon sites.