Food pantry questions


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When I was a student at OSU the student-run pantry was one of those where you were able to go in and select what you needed. The last two I’ve been to since graduating were ones where they just gave you a large amount of food in boxes.

I was wondering if anyone knew what pantries do take-what-you-need like the OSU one rather than a bulk thing. I am only feeding myself and can only fit so much in my studio apartment, and when I really only need necessities like bread and toiletries going to a bulk pantry will just create more waste for me. I’d rather that go to someone else. Does anyone have any sort of recommendations on where I could go?


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Maybe a small single-compartment refrigerator, usually made for multiple drinks, would suit you? If you have very little space in your studio, you could put such a fridge instead of a nightstand. On top of such a fridge, you can stack books and anything else. Of course, it must be connected to electricity. My girlfriend gave me a multicooker and a fridge when I lived in a studio. Now we live in a big house and have plenty of room for food. We even bought a tofu press like this since my girlfriend loves to cook. I think over time, you'll move to a more comfortable apartment or house and be able to stack all your food and stuff.