Facebook Pixel Helper issue


Just following the new guide for setting up retargeting and Catalogues on FB.

I open my site and lcick the Browser plugin Pixel helper and I only see one event being tracked, see screenshot.

How do I get it to track the other 2 events "View content" and "Add to Cart"?



okay so from another thread I see that is normal.

but after clicking add to cart, the Add to Cart event is showing Yellow instead of green, with an error:

"This pixel is not paired with any product catalog. Please associate this pixel with a catalog using the Catalog Manager at https://www.facebook.com/products/."

Same for View Content event.
Hi, Facebook pixel helper is really nice, in fact i was facing issue to setup pixel in my website at that time some one suggest me to use pixel helper and when i use it i found it very nice for resolving my issues.