Facebook login for website

Hi Alidropship,

I found another post in the forum and guideline on https://socialrabbitplugin.com/codex/1-how-to-create-the-app-for-facebook/

but l am still getting the following error:
URL blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not white-listed in the app's client OAuth settings. Make sure that the client and web OAuth logins are on and add all your app domains as valid OAuth redirect URIs.

What did l try:
OAuth: https://domainname.com/ or https://www.domainname.com/ or https://domainname.com/userlogin/?social-login=facebook > still same error

App domain name: https:/domainame.com or www.domainname.com or https://www.domain.com
site url: https://domainname.com

So what l am doing wrong?

I followed also videos on youtube and did the exact settings but l keep getting the error. What will solve this issueS?

Thank you in advance
Well update. I used a plugin and it worked right away so l am going to assume something is wrong within template. I did not change a thing in the facebook settings and the plugin worked with the provided information.