Drop shipping furniture!


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I’ve dropped shipped a little in the past using Amazon Prime-eBay method but this has now been patched as Amazon will now display its logos and buyer information on the delivery box and eBay has reduced dropshipper views making it harder to sell products.

Now, I’ve decided to move into eBay and shopify and drop ship furniture. I’ve never drop shipped furniture before and tbh I’m a bit nervous for selling expensive goods…

My supplier says they have a 3-5 day delivery on UK mainland (they can also delivery internationally but I’m going to stick with UK for now) and they’re stock looks very good - I could probably flip them for £100-£150 extra per item. But, the supplier only accept returns if it’s a manufacturer defect or damaged upon delivery.

Should I simply add to my eBay and shopify pages/policies that I don’t allow any returns? Would that be allowed? I can’t store any returns and the financial risk in a return would be higher than selling smaller ticket items…

Of course, higher risk, higher reward…


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I have had experience with this issue, but it seems that the furniture should be simple enough to survive a long move. I was worried about this last time I moved because I only find discount furniture near me and bought some brand new options. I was lucky because they packed everything tightly enough in transit not to batter the edges of the tables and chair backs. I was glad for that kind of service.


I am not sure, because the UK is not in the EU any more - but is there not a general duty to offer returns to the customers?


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Hi there! I hope you're doing well. You could try it and see how it goes - if you're getting a lot of returns, you might need to rethink your policy, but if you're not, you could save yourself a lot of hassle by not accepting returns. You could also try offering a limited returns policy, like 14 days or something, to see if that helps to reduce the number of returns you get. A similar policy I encountered at guys from https://eurekaergonomic.com/glass-desks/. It seems that it works well. I hope this helps you!
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