Developer's Environment with Alidropship Woo?

To my surprise, I didn't realize this plugin can't be used in a local developer's environment. This is a bit off-putting as streamlining the product uploading process was one of the main reasons for purchase - Making changes on a live server is frustratingly slow.

I would like to hear from others on how they add products to WP:
--Do you work in an online staging/ maintenance area? If so, is there a hosting service you recommend for this?
--Have you created a work-around for working on a locally installed server? Perhaps with port forwarding?
--Do you import all the products, duplicate the website for localhost and then push it live?
--Do you have any general efficiency tips for working with this plugin?

Many thanks in advance.
i would refer you to this thread i posted if you really need a local environment: But would caution you against doing local development just for adsw as it's really not needed. If you plan to import large amounts of items then use the import list option and edit the info later, or else edit as you ad. For other site plugin and theme development i recommend using Flywheel by Local, it sets up local wordpress installs in seconds and can be use for testing development of plugins and themes unrelated to adsw and is how i go about my development. Also there is no api or open code for adsw so no reason to have it on a local server so to speak.