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Hi everyone!

After reading through the payment gateway section on this forum I havent seen many in regards to payment gateways for accepting crypto as an alternative to FIAT.
Considering the speed at which the crypto market is evolving I definitely feel like this is the next step towards mainstream crypto adoption.

Here is an option I found that offer's some pretty good benefits. FCFpay. I will list the following benefits I've gathered through research on it. IT may save some time to some of y'all that dont necessarily have the time to do in depths researches.

1. They have a plugin on woocommerce & Wordpress atm ; working on shopify & brick and mortar store API integration to existing POS.
2. The main issue with accepting crypto is the potential volatility ; hence why they offer stablecoins (always maintains a 1:1 value with USD).
3. Transaction fees are lower than Visa & MC : 0.5% to 1.5% depending on monthly volume.
4. 10-15 minutes set up for the ecommerces (comes with a dashboard and instructions on how to operate the product).
5. They are compatible with all blockchains and wallets.
6. No onboarding fee to test it and get into it.

If you would like to register your store and test it out for free, here is a direct link :

If you like the idea go ahead and try it out ; if you have any suggestion feel free to comment about them!


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It seems to me that this way of making money is quite dangerous because to cash out this money, you will have to use another person's bank card. The IRS will see a suspicious transaction, and they will have many questions. I am sure it is not worth risking your freedom; it is better to earn money legally.


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