Credit card payment gateway for non US residents?


Hi guys,

Apart from 2CO which are not really supportive of drop shippers (especially ones that are just starting) do you know/use any other payment gateway that does not require LLC and a US residence and actually works?


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У меня также проблема, 2CO требует выслать им список продаж за 90 дней - так откуда им взять если я и хочу подлючить их систему для продаж... бред какой то..


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The ways to get a merchant account for a business that is not registered in United States and like to sell their products in the country.
The basic requirement of getting a merchant account in U.S. these conditions have been fulfilled:
  1. The business needs to have a registered “Doing Business As” name (DBA) that proves that the business is incorporated in the United States.
  2. A physical address of the business that an applicant must provide.
  3. A bank account in the U.S. Bank should be registered in the name of applicant’s name.

    Apoorv Joshi