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Hi, I am just wondering if and what cookie consent plugin everyone is using for there websites with the GDPR coming in soon.

I have found some websites say they have to be able to decline and others say they just need to be able to Accept or nothing.


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Read. The. Alidropship. Codex.

There is a plugin that does it all for you.

This is a new EU legal lingo to break our balls with useless shit that will change nothing to the way we do business.

Still we have to do it and comply.

Omission can be a beautiful lie: "your adress is forwarded to our supplier and warehouse center". LOL
Yeah I have read that just if you search for GDPR Cookie Consent it states you have to give the option to Opt out of collecting cookies where the plugin that is shared does not give that option.


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Yep the GDPR is a PITA.

I live in France and I just read an article in a great Newspapers (Mediapart) about it.

It is so restrictive that it is almost inapplicable in most EU countries.

You have to maintain a registry of all used data in case of a control.

You have to mandate someone to be the data manager.

You see the problem in EU is that they want to do good things for the privacy of consumers but don't know shit about business.

If you think of it for a second if we had to explain the principle of facebook ads targeting we almost wouldn't be allow to do it.

These measure are really anti-business and as always act more in favor of big corporation.

In the article it is said that 80% of businesses won't be prepared for it.

So just put that piece of legal lingo in your site to have your customer at ease but you will have to play a bit with it. I will in no way inform my customers that their data are sent to aliexpress.


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