Chrome extenstion is not working.

Chrome extension is not working. I reinstall chrome extension, authorized site successfully but shown this message- To authorize your site, click AliDropship extension icon on your browser panel.
Please request to solve this issue. Thanks.
Version 1.4.2 is running now & update for is available but does not updated. When I update it shown successfully updated. But when refresh page the message of version 'update now' is shown again. View detail page shown the version I don't understand what's wrong.
*Also On Import Reviews page function of some buttons are not worked.
Please solve my issues. Thanks.
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Delete of running version of plugin may cause any data loss of site?
Will the data be automatically restore after reinstall the plugin?
No data will be lost. It's all stored in the database.

As further info, every time you update a plugin "normally" from WP-Admin>Plugins, the plugin is completely deleted and the new one is downloaded in the background automatically. The same with theme updates.

In this case, you're just doing it manually instead. Don't worry.