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$10.532 more revenue from my dropshipping store with this app!

Well my name is Andrews, I have been working in the droshipping online store market for a few years now, and today I’m going to share with you this plugin/app for shopify stores that I’ve been using for 2 months and significantly increased my revenue.

I have a very good income with my online stores in the dropshipping model, and for a few months now I’ve been studying and applying a lot about online sales strategies that can increase the average ticket per customer, better known as LTV (Life Time Value) or others such as: Order Bump, Upsell, Cross sell, Downsell and similar product recommendations.

And researching about these subjects and how I could apply to my online store, I came across a search, which reported that ‘’34% of the revenue of 3,000 virtual stores comes from products recommended or similar to this one added to cart for the first time’’ It was then that I found this amazing plugin that changed the reality of my sales, I started selling more and more to the same customer, significantly increasing the average ticket.

The name of this plugin is Similar Products, actually it’s two plugins in 1, called Similar Products and Often Purchased Together. This is the plugin link directly in the shopify app store:

Similar Products — Similar products & frequently bought together lists | Shopify App Store

Similar products & frequently bought together lists

I confess that I didn’t use all the functions of this plugin, however, I found it very simple and easy to configure, the only time I needed support, they served me very well and resolved my case.

I believe that the main differentiator of this plugin from competing plugins is the customization and monitoring of reports/sales data. I organized and prepared all my products to have just below the product page, similar or frequently purchased products, which the customer can add to the cart with just 1 click.

In the first month I was testing this app and we managed to raise $2,978 more in revenue from online stores, in the second month, we increased our revenue to another $10,532, and in the next month we expect to increase our average ticket per customer and, consequently, our revenue.

I recommend everyone to start thinking strategically about strategies to increase their average ticket, because, the market we operate in is increasingly competitive, and if we don’t update our funnels, we can leave a lot of money on the table.

Big hug!

Thank you very much!