Can I start dropshipping business with $500


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I have a plan to start a dropshipping online toys store that targets the whole world especially the USA market. But, the problem is I have little capital. I just have $500 that I can invest in my dropshipping business store. Can I do this? Please share your valuable tips, guidelines and any recommend dropshipping business learning resources. thanks.


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Should be fine, you only need $3-4 per month for hosting, $10 for domain name and $89 for the plugin
the leftover you can use for ads
You are missing some main points such as what about the website designing and development and dropshipping business suppliers and any other hidden charges.


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what hidden charge? you only pay supplier when you have sell so you already have money from your sell
website design and development, you can use any themes available, there are many free themes, alidropship also provide free themes
you just need to change the image, color or text as you want, surely you can do that by yourself?

if you really dont want to do anything yourself just buy custom store from alidropship for $299, you still has $201 for your ads


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There are a lot of dropshipping suppliers that do not charge a monthly fee.
You can just open a store on Shopify. The basic plan is around $29.
Look for dropshipping suppliers and publish products. You don't need to pay the dropshipping provider unless your customer places an order in your store.


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It's not a small amount of money to be able to find a profitable dream business. When I started my investment adventures, I only had $250 in my pocket. It's not the right amount of money to make a million bucks quickly, but it's a great start. You need to use the proper techniques, tools, and strategies to get the right results in this industry. That's why I prefer, which proved to be a solid foundation for me in the beginning.
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If you want to start dropshipping and are willing to buy a store. I'm selling mine, all the work is done and you just have to promote it. (150$)


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I'd start by sourcing a good developer–that in itself, I think in most cases exceed the $500 dollar threshold. I'm not saying it's impossible to create a dropshipping store for that amount, I'm just wary of the quality the store is going to exude if you stick to suck a low starting budget. I always think of investments in terms of the length of time they'll be used.

Basically, if I invest in a good website design and functionality now, I know for a fact that I'll be saving money and time on getting it re-done in a few months if the dropshipping store takes off and becomes successful.