Better late than never

Hi Everybody;

I'm new to the forum but have had AliDropship for at least two years. I regret to report that I have not made any revenue. I'm looking for coaches, accountability partners, and words of encouragement.

My goal is to start with one store and grow to five stores. I'm working on a plan but need help.
Your welcome, I am in a similar situation but I only started three months ago, and I haven't done consistent advertising yet, I have time and knowledge restriction, but I believe in NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. if you read the successful dropshippers thread you can see they work really hard yet constructive, I have so far done three shoutouts in instagram spent around $70(one is for a whole month with a 70k following influencer) and around $50 in facebook targeted ads, but my facebook posts are not great, I did not have revenue yet, but I am getting myself educated in terms of digital marketing and social media marketing.

If you need any sources I found lots of free courses and information I can share with you.
At the moment I am doing a free course provided by Google about SEO

Is your store a niche store? I picked women's accessories because I could not come up with anything else and I think this niche has high competition, but I am sure I can make it happen and my plan is once I generate an ongoing revenue from this even if it is not much, I will pick a better niche and move on to the second one.
But do not give up, sometimes we do not succeed merely because we are doing something wrong along the way, once that thing is identified and corrected everything will be fine.
I read this in a book called Eat The Frog: Look at successful people and see what they are doing, if you do exactly the same as them you will be successful too!
Thank you again. I do appreciate your words of encouragement. I will also look into purchasing some Instagram shoutouts. I must admit that I am ignorant when it comes to Instagram. I am much more versed in Facebook Ads. I don't seem to convert well though :(. I am reading and taking notes from some of the more successful threads. Success leave clues.

My store is a nail supply niche store. I picked it because I already know and use similar products. Once I make at least $500 per month with this store I plan to open another.

I'll say it again. I truly appreciate your encouragement. I have also decided to cut down on the number of items in the store and really look at what is currently performing well.
Not a problem at all, it’s very good to know you are not alone in the virtual world. Just wanted to let you know I purchased a promotion in fiverr yesterday for only $5 and today was delivered my website barely gets any traffic 100 was the most when I first done Instagram shoutout, but today I have got around 400 visitors, at the moment I want to concentrate on driving Trafic to the site and then if it doesn’t convert I will look into the conversion issues. Take a look at this fiverr I think it’s worth trying because it’s services are cheap, being cheap doesn’t always mean low quality as most of the service providers are in Asian countries where cost of living is much much cheaper than western countries and people over there could be extremely intelligent. So I ordered a SEO report and I got a free website Audit report with that just for $10 . I am reading the report to see what improvements to be done on my website in terms of SEO .