AliDropship Themes Update (Da Vinci 2.0)

Ekaterina Sayapina

Staff member
DaVinci 2.0 (current version 1.4.1):

- Structured data greatly improved. It makes you more visible in the search results. Search engines understand your pages better and can, therefore, give you a better presentation. This might result in more focused traffic, more sales, a higher click-through rate (CTR).

- Name of a chosen attribute on Single product page added. For example, Color: Black
Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci Oil Painting – newdavinci alidropship com.png

- Super sale banner link added (Customization => Home => Countdown Settings). Now you can link your Homepage countdown timer to any page.
Home ‹ newdavinci alidropship com — WordPress.png

- One more category level added to Category page menu.

- Update Instagram images button added to Customization => Social Media. Use this button to update your IG images in your IG Homepage widget if you have troubles with its visibility. Please make sure you've update AliDropship plugin to the latest version (1.7.10).
Social Media ‹ newdavinci alidropship com — WordPress.png

- Homepage slider bug fixed in Mozilla (mobile).

- Homepage slider text position bug fixed.

- Minor optimizations.

Ekaterina Sayapina

Staff member
Instagram widget still not working with new updates !!!
Karim, have you used the Update IG images button? Also, please make sure you've update the plugin to the latest version.
If none of this helped, feel free to send me a pm with your WP access details so I can check what might be the issue.
Probably not the correct place to ask but can you switch back & forth between themes without trashing your whole site ?

I would like to experiment with a different theme as my site was created in Rembrandt & I don't really like it.
I'm just petrified of messing it up....