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As part of our Black Friday offer, the 3-day free access to Team Management is definitely exciting news for all free users


Batch Import
It allows all team members to import/export/delete a batch of accounts at the same time, move a batch of accounts to other groups, share accounts with each other, etc, lowering the costs and increasing efficiency.


Group your members and control their access to profiles and features to keep all groups from messing with profiles of the others.


Operation Log
You can check real-time records and the login log. Once abnormal activity of your account is detected, or information is changed, you’ll be allowed to investigate problems with the help of this feature, which makes browsing safer.


The 3-day trial has been available since November 1. To get it you’ll need to bind both your email and phone number.
Upgrade your account and boost teamwork efficiency. Get started now!


For special events like the ones you describe, I use brightvisionevents.co.uk because it's the only tool that helps me completely improve the quality of such events. I know a few dozen people come to them, and they all expect a great time. I manage to do it every time with a company like this because they have the latest and coolest equipment, lighting, microphones, and speakers. All of this is great for creating the right atmosphere for such gatherings.


The ADS Browser team management tool is a great way to keep track of your team's progress and performance. It lets you see how well your team is doing and where they need to improve. It also gives you the ability to give your team feedback and see what they are working on. Overall, it is a great tool to help you manage your team effectively. Also, I work with datafloq.com, building an incident management system for my team that will save me from unexpected problems and keeps my business running.
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