A Simple but Ninja way to find TOP selling Products and Niches


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I have sent you a PM requesting for your help. Can you please check it when you have some time. My query is around niche. Many thanks. Cheers!


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Great , Since I'm that Fat SEO GUY, I was doing this one by one using Scrapebox for SEO purposes by scraping domains ranking in Google with " powered by shopify" then filter shops under 1 million Alexa Rank then check their top ranking keywords that drive traffic to them using Ahrefs , Semrush and Alexa. Then I sort all of these keywords to get more ideas from Amazon and Ebay and google shopping.

Wow, Scrapebox still useful?
I have the license but have long leave it.


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This is a very nice, thanks for sharing such information, however check this info as well To determine the best selling products of all time, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the product categories that were widely purchased by consumers and identified the individual products that had the highest sales in their category. In some cases, we collect data from various sources and calculate the final sales figure. In other cases, when a company had clear leadership in the market, the figures reflect data from previous years.

1. PlayStation
• Category: Video game console
• Total sales: 344 million units
• Parent company: Sony

2. Lipitor
• Category: Pharmaceutical
• Total sales: $141 billion
• Parent company: Pfizer

3. Corolla
• Category: Vehicle
• Total sales: 40.7 million units
• Parent company: Toyota (TM)

4. Star Wars
• Category: Movies
• Total sales: $4.6 billion
• Parent company: 20th Century Fox

5. iPad
• Category: Tablet
• Total sales: 211 million units
• Parent company: Apple

i found this guide which might be helpful for finding top selling products according to your niche;
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The problem with many “best selling” pages is that they give older products a huge advantage over newer products. This leads to a situation where superior products may be losing out to products past their prime that was added months beforehand. Depends on how the back end is coded.

I would consider reviewing the "newest products" as those may be receiving the current ad budget. Just a thought.